This site is dedicated to helping you to wade through the river of marketing hype and deception in the skin care industry. Simply put, to empower you with information. Keep in mind that skin care companies as a whole only care about one thing, sales! sales! sales! They pay professionals lots of money to tell them what the latest craze in trends are, how to package there product, what zinger words to say in there adds and so on. They spend much less time trying to figure out what you really need and spend all of there time trying to fool you into believing that you need there product. So the end result is only frustration. How do you stop this cycle? Determine what your needs will be relative to your own bodies individual tendencies. You must understand these tendencies or you'll just end up shooting yourself in the foot (figuratively speaking). For instance if you have acne and you know you have a tendency to oily skin and you have been using a skin care product that isn't "oil free", you might be making your condition worse. You probably found this site because you or someone you know has acne and you are looking for a simple solution. Facial cleansers and other topicals like creams and gels can be effective in controlling mild to moderate acne especially in the short term. As we will cover later on it is not just the type of facial cleanser you choose that will make the difference, it is also how it is applied.